Designing a private home, a multi-family building, or an apartment is a test on understanding human behavior. Functionality of a home is the key to becoming a successful person. So much is said about spirituality, but nothing is said on how personal surroundings influences a person's self-image projection. Dead spaces, sudden corners, and distances play important role in a circulation of a space. A building's envelope plays a founding role in creation of an inner environment of a home, also. Together, exterior shell of a home and interior spaces create environment that should be uplifting to human spirit.


During our brainstorming session we will learn what moves Your world an conceptualize how Your surroundings can help You streamline Your undertakings, and bring You freedom and joy of a comfortable home.

Retail Stores


Every 5 years a retail store should rejuvinate it's environment. You may have the best selling store on Earth, but this unwritten law has shown over and over again that redesigning your store plays a significant part in successful marketing. Not to mention that a renovation could, also, coincide with a renewal of a public assembly permit, for example.


From automated storage to new security systems - technology allows stores become smarter. Modern materials allow for intricate details and slimmer reveals, creating luxury environments that make Your product stand-out.


During our brainstorming session we will conceptualize  both sales area and back-of-house area, and speak on how Your store identity can be preserved and improved with new technologies and modern materials. As well as discuss Landlord's design criteria and how Your storefront can integrate withing a shopping center, a mall, or street.

Building Violations


Municipal ordinances and zoning codes govern construction in United States. Most of these codes are based on International Building Code that is widely accepted across the US.  


A Building Violation is a charge against You property for violation of the code that is enforced in your jurisdiction. More often than not, violations incur high fines, and in some cases may result in enforcement action, such forceful eviction and even jail time.


During our brainstorming session we will discuss the roots of the problem, and will realistically evaluate processes and costs to resolve the violation.